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The landscape of the mining and power industries is constantly being altered. With an abundance of resources and revolutionary changes, how is your company evolving in this progressive market? It is important to know what can be achieved and the most efficient ways to accomplish your goals.

Power provides the economy with billions of dollars each year. With the nation’s use of advanced technologies there have been remarkable breakthroughs in energy. Responding to challenges with innovative strategies while improving on productivity and sustainability will move your company forward.

Mining companies have also faced their challenges, but today they are taking active steps to respond. The need for mineral resources is driven by the emerging markets, and these commodities are in high demand. The industry has a renewed focus on finding inventive ways to protect the environment and improve safety. Understanding the diversity of this business and knowing how to assess your options will help expand your projects.

In such an immense field all aspects are critical. A skilled workforce, having reliable equipment, maintaining customer relationships, and sound management are key principals to ensuring your company’s success. It is also imperative you know the functions of refiners, transporters, distributors and utilities. These are all essential to developing your operation.

Understanding what makes a complex and rapidly growing market such as this thrive, is vital. Your company needs to be able to progress with it. Mining and Power Magazine will keep you in the know about key solutions along with providing you information on products and services to keep you at the forefront. This magazine will reveal strategies from your top competitors, as well as show you the broad range of protective measures they are taking. Mining and Power is the source you need to help your operation succeed.



OPM Metals

 Written by Brian Salgado

AS OPM METALS turns 40 this year, the company positions itself for international expansion via a number of strategic moves.

AS OPM METALS turns 40 this year, the company positions itself for international expansion via a number of strategic moves.

As OPM Metals celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, it continues to take major steps toward becoming an international player in the precious metals refining industry. Along with “good delivery” certifications from two of the top international trade associations for gold and silver refiners, a rebranding effort and a timely transaction, OPM Metals relies on its tried and true values of transparency, consistency and speed to build upon its decades of success.

“At OPM, we pride ourselves on these aspects of our business,” says Conor Dullaghan, who was named president of OPM Metals at the start of this year after becoming the company’s vice president in 2011.


L.A. Perks Petroleum Inc.

 Written by Brian Salgado

L.A. Perks Petroleum Inc. penetrates the mining industry of Northern Nevada to diversify its capabilities after the downturn of the economy.


As the recession took its toll on the energy industry throughout the United States in the latter part of the last decade, countless companies took surviving as a victory. Not many can claim that the challenge of staying afloat spurned a new, prosperous division within a niche market

L.A. Perks Petroleum Specialists Inc. made that a reality, however. Instead of cutting costs to compete with less-qualified contractors making impossible promises to clients to land contracts for unrealistic prices in the Reno, Nev., region, Kylen Perks led his family-owned business to northern Nevada and the mining industry based there.



Mincon Group

 Written by Andrew Santa Lucia

With 10 companies globally located, Mincon Group is taking strides to become the choice of drillers worldwide.

With 10 companies globally located, Mincon Group is taking strides to become the choice of drillers worldwide.

Mincon Group PLC was founded in 1977 by Paddy and Mary Purcell to produce state-of-the-art engineered rock drills and associated parts. The company, however, has had “a clear vision and determined focus giving priority towards manufacturing top quality tools that bring added value to the end user,” Executive Director Tom Purcell says. Those same values hold true today and have allowed the company to evolve and grow healthily from its “home base in Shannon, Ireland, into a multinational company working in markets all around the world.”

The Mincon Group is comprised of 10 companies in strategic locations around the world including Ireland, Australia, United States, Sweden, South Africa, Poland and Peru. By locating operations worldwide, Mincon achieves a global outlook on its business and how it works with its clients. Being on the ground also helps Mincon work closely with clients to direct them toward the best products for their needs.



N.A. Degerstrom Inc.

 Written by Brian Salgado

N.A. Degerstrom Inc. has helped mine owners achieve their goals for 110 years through mine management.

N.A. Degerstrom Inc. has helped mine owners achieve their goals for 110 years through mine management.

As safety and environmental regulations continue to be piled onto the mining industry, operating a safe and sustainable mine site grows more difficult with each passing year. That’s why N.A. Degerstrom (NAD) Inc. shares its clients challenges to passionately deliver solutions.

“We firmly believe in working with – rather than for – our clients,” says Scott Upton, business development manager for NAD. “The demand for mine management is greater now than it has ever been. We understand, and this is what sets us apart from the rest.”

NAD is more than just a mining contractor. The company has built hundreds of miles of highways throughout the Northwest; constructed bridges and railroads, including work for the SP&S and Great Northern Railway (now Burlington Northern); and worked on hydroelectric dams, including Rock Island and Wanapum on the Columbia River, and Dworshak on the Clearwater River.



Karnalyte Resources Inc.

 Written by Rodric J. Hurdle-Bradford

Karnalyte Resources Inc. looks to the future with plans for a new solution mining facility focused on potash.


Successful leadership begins at the top, no matter what the industry, and Saskatchewan-based Karnalyte Resources Inc. is proving this true as its experienced senior executive management team oversees its vision to become a leading low-cost producer of high quality, low sodium potash for agricultural and industrial markets.

“Our vision includes our intention to construct and operate a solution mining facility capable of producing 2.125 million tons of potash per year,” says Robin Phinney, president, CEO and director.

Karnalyte Resources’ production plan calls for a staged approach to plant construction where the first phase of the project will result in production of 625,000 tons of potash per year that eventually will increase to 2.125 million tons per year. Karnalyte owns 100 percent interest in subsurface permit KP360A and subsurface mineral lease KLSA-010 located near Wynyard, Saskatchewan, comprising a total of 85,126 acres.